Choosing Fonts for Divi

Font Combinations

Although templates like Divi from Elegant Themes can make working with WordPress a lot easier, choosing the right font combination is often very overwhelming and time consuming.  Although the diverse range of fonts that Divi has to offer allow for a large variety of beautiful font combinations, finding the perfect match for your needs can be a daunting task. It may seem trivial, but getting the right font combination sets the tone and is essential to creating the perfect website. It is important to find two fonts that contrast each other well, making it easier for the viewer to read.  Avoiding the use of too many different fonts, or fonts that are very similar, allows for less clutter and is crucial in terms of enhancing the viewer’s experience.  Below, are links to a few examples of aesthetically pleasing font combinations to help you get started!

The Playfair Display and Open Sans font combination provides a beautiful contrast between a sans serif and serif font. The combination is both playful and sophisticated, allowing for a diverse range of applications.  The fonts Lobster and Arimo meld seamlessly to create an elegant combination.  The sans serif Arimo font allows the graceful style of the lobster font to stand out, perfect for text concerning flowers or classy events such as weddings. The combination of Merriweather and Judson is a perfect example of a neat, simplistic style.  The chunkiness of the Merriweather font perfectly complements the light weight feel of the Judson font, creating a very professional, clean cut look.


Sans Serif & Serif:

-Playfair Display and Open Sans


Script/decorative & Sans Serif:

-Lobster and Arimo


Serif & Serif:

-Merriweather and Judson