Do you really need a rebrand or do your clients just need a hug?

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At some point in our organization, we have all thought about rebranding our businesses.

Maybe our sales are low and we are getting concerned.

Maybe we are attracting the wrong kinds of clients.

Maybe we are looking for a different niche, as we have tired of the old one.

Rebranding can be exciting, but it can also be scary.  Before you rebrand your business, you should consider the time and resources that will go into the process.  Rebranding is more than just changing a logo and your company colors and should be treated like the big deal that it is.

Why you should rebrand your business.

If you are going a totally different direction, a rebrand is a no-brainer.  If you have been selling baby food and switch to say, dog food, for example, you will definitely have to do a rebrand.  But what if you are a real estate agent who is trying to move to larger clients?  Then maybe a rebrand doesn’t make sense.  Rebranding requires you to take time out of growing your business through sales and client interactions and focus on what you think you should look like.  If you are not a creative, this will mean hiring out the process, which is money you will need to get back in the form of additional sales down the road.

What is a good solution to falling sales? Focus on outreach, messaging, client intake process, outreach, and customer service.

Customers walk in because of your outreach and messaging, but stay because of the service.  Returning customers are THE BEST way to make sales, because you know they already like you.  You don’t have to do the dating dance again.

Outreach, Messaging, Client Intake Process?

Outreach and messaging are the easy-ish part.  You know what you want to say, you have a social media campaign planned out, but there is more to getting that sale.

If you reach most of your clients through your website, go to your website.  Write down all of the questions that someone who has never seen your site before might ask.  Where do your eyes go first?  How do they contact you?  Can they reach you in 1 click? Is there a call to action on every screen?

Now pull out your phone and do this same process again.

Here is a sketch of how this could look.  When we do this for clients, we use software to present it, but it’s important to take that first step with pencil and paper, I think.

Now go through your next steps.  How do you reach out the client after your initial email?  Can you find a way to delight or excite your potential client, whether that be a postcard or a fun email?  Do you offer electronic proposals if you are a service-based business?
All of these things help turn your initial inquiry into a client and sets you up for future sales.

Take your sketches and if your website and other marketing materials aren’t 1-click easy, then it’s time to make changes.  No logo or mission statement changes required.

Rebranding and Profitability

Rebranding is almost never profitable in the short term.  When you rebrand, you risk losing your client base and starting over.  This is an acceptable risk to take, but important to consider as you plan out your rebrand.

First, how do you make sure your current customers stay happy?

This is a time when extra outreach is a good idea.  As you go through a rebrand, overshare with them.  Were you thinking of offering a new product or service?  Offer a smaller version to them, for free. Email them and let them know what is changing, why, and how exciting it will be for them.  That way, when they do see your marketing materials and website changing, they will feel enthusiastic enough to tell a friend.

People love new things.  Help turn their excitement into new clients.

During this process, you may lose a few clients who aren’t aligned with your organization’s new direction and that’s ok, too.  If you have been a good partner to them, you will likely part on good terms with references to take with you.

We recently rebranded Launch Creative and here is why –

Our company has grown both in people and in services offered.  We have moved away from offering one-off social media and web design to digital marketing packages, in order to better support our clients.  We have a lot of women-owned businesses and organizations as clients and would like our blog posts, events, and education to better support their niches and needs.

So before you decide on that rebrand, make sure that you really need a new brand identity and not just better customer outreach.

For more ideas, I recommend one of my favorite business books, Hug Your Customers.




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