How do I know I am going to like my logo?

Our clients love our sites and logos, because we do our homework.  We give you a branding survey that will cover all of your likes and dislikes and give us a clear sense of your aesthetic. For web projects we provide two website reviews prior to going live.


What do I need to get started?

After choosing your “menu” option, you and booking your project start date we will send you our design questionnaire and ask you to create a private board on Pinterest.  For website and blog projects we will also need 20-30 high quality photos, including a headshot.


How does payment work?

Payment is due in advance of the project.  For projects over $2,000, a 50% deposit is due in advance, with the balance due before files are delivered. You will receive invoices at these times.


How long does the process take?

Once you book your week and give us your branding questionnaire and photos, your project is on its way!  With the exception of our Power Launch, projects take one week, provided we get feedback from you.  Power Launch can take from 1- 4 weeks, depending on the amount of revisions and how responsive you are able to be.


What if I have some revisions?  How long do those take?

Revisions can take between 1-3 days, but are always expedited as much as possible.


Do you give refunds?

Unfortunately, we can’t give refunds on deposits or work completed.



What if I have to change my start date?

In the event that there is an emergency during or prior to the project on either the client or designer side, the project can be postponed 1-2 weeks.